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General Dental Care in Glen Ellyn

Checkups & Maintenance by Dentists in Glen Ellyn, Campton Hills & Bloomingdale

Keeping your teeth healthy, and restoring dental health is important for keeping your natural teeth as long as possible. No matter what condition your teeth are in, right now is the best time to begin taking care of them. We can help, and it’s easier than you think. We’re the best dentists in Glen Ellyn, Campton Hills, and Bloomingdale, and you no longer need to be afraid of your dental check ups! Our gentle and understanding staff will give you a very careful evaluation and help you to take care of and preserve your teeth, every step of the way.

Dental Check up Glen Ellyn

Fillings (White Color)

Fillings are a fast and comfortable procedure with us. Our dentists at Family Dental Care always use high-quality composite (white) fillings, and we provide a local anesthetic, which is administered quickly and competently.

Extractions and root canals

Most extractions, including some routine removal of wisdom teeth, can be done right in our office, whether you are visiting our Glen Ellyn, Campton Hills, or Bloomingdale office. We pride ourselves on being quick and efficient, therefore most procedures can be completed in one visit.

Dental Check-ups

At our dental practice, we administer a comprehensive exam when you schedule your first check-up. This includes an in depth oral exam, digital X-rays, a complete periodontal exam and a cancer screening.

New Patient Special Evaluation.

Along with the comprehensive exam after your first appointment, we will create a customized treatment plan personalized to your needs. We offer services for the whole family, and we would love to be your exclusive family dental care givers.

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