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Dental Crowns

A healthy mouth is an important part of your overall wellness, and a shining smile can help give you confidence. If you are in need of cosmetic or restorative dental care in Bloomingdale, you might consider asking your dentist about dental crowns for your teeth. A full dental examination will tell your dentist if this affordable and natural-looking solution is right for you.

Today, there are several options available to patients who wish to upgrade their pearly whites. If you already have traditional silver or mercury amalgam fillings in your molars, a porcelain inlay can be used in its place. If there is too little natural tooth remaining, crowns are another great option. The tooth crown is placed over what healthy tooth remains and is designed to look and function like your original tooth. Talk to your dentist about your dental care needs and to find out if dental crowns are an option that can help you improve your smile.