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Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more of your natural teeth, you may be interested in talking to your family dentist about dental implants in St. Charles. This procedure can provide you with a range of benefits that keep you healthy, comfortable, and confident. Here is a brief overview of how dental implants can benefit you.

Protect Bone and Teeth

Many individuals do not realize that missing teeth can cause problems for your jawbone as well as your other natural teeth. The roots of your teeth help your jawbone retain its mass; without these roots, a process called resorption occurs. Dental implants serve to retain your bone mass by acting in place of the roots of your missing teeth. This can help you preserve the shape of your face. Missing teeth are also problematic for your remaining teeth because they leave gaps behind. The teeth that surround these gaps may eventually move into them or become crooked due to the lack of support. These crooked and out of position teeth may be more difficult to clean properly. Dental implants serve as placeholders that keep these neighboring teeth in position.

Enjoy Stable Placement

Traditional dentures can be effective, but many individuals find they often slip and move around within their mouths. With dental implants, this will never be an issue. Your dental surgeon will surgically insert your dental implants into your gums, and then add a dental crown over the post or abutment. This is considered a permanent procedure and can feel much like your natural teeth. Rather than worrying about the size of your dentures or the quality of your adhesive, you can take comfort in knowing that your dental implants will stay right where your dentist left them.

Revive Your Smile

Dental implants can help you revitalize your smile and revive your confidence in your appearance. The dental crowns that your dentist attaches to your dental implants can be made to look just like your natural teeth, or they can be brighter.