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Preventive dentistry is a form of dentistry that takes a proactive approach to stop cavities, gum disease, and other dental disasters before they happen. Getting a regular dental checkup is an excellent way to ensure that your teeth are in excellent shape – and that they remain that way. A regular dental checkup is a key to making sure that preventive dentistry keeps your teeth healthy and disease-free.

The frequency of your dental checkup largely depends on your habits and health condition. If you are a smoker or have a tendency to build up considerable amounts of plaque, you may want to go in more frequently than other individuals. However, if you are a healthy individual with healthy teeth and gums, then you will generally only have to get a checkup once every four-to-six months (or two to three times each year).

For individuals that have habits or conditions that may result in diseased or damaged oral conditions, visits more frequently than two or three times a year will be necessary. Typically, visiting once every two months will suffice, but the regularity and consistency of your visits will depend on your condition. Talk to your dentist about how frequently you will need to receive a dental checkup.

Here at Family Dental Care, we welcome new patients. We have new patient specials that include free consultations with x-rays and oral cancer screening (our latest technology). Come visit us at our three convenient locations: Family Dental Care Bloomingdale, Family Dental Care St. Charles, and Family Dental Care Glen Ellyn.